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Will Biden Continue Wrecking Social Security for Seniors and Future Retirees?

Trump Surges into Lead With 1-Point Advantage Over Biden in Latest Rasmussen Poll

Navalny's Poisoning Spooked Russia. The Politicians He Nurtured Say 'It Motivated Us.'

ABORTION & TERRORISM: Should Abortion Be Deemed a Form of Terrorism? It Has to Be.

For Biden-Harris Supporters, It Would Be "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire," For Themselves and All America

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Trump's COVID-19 symptoms 'very concerning', next 48 hours critical -source" - Reuters 10.3.20

RFE/RL Exclusive: Mystery Over Russian’s Suspected Poisoning Deepens With New FBI Records - RFE/RL

Notre Dame Football Resuming Practices Wednesday, Even as 39 Players Are Out in Connection With Covid-19 Coronavirus

Canada, U.K. Announce Sanctions As Pressure On Belarus Leadership Builds

Tsikhanouskaya Starts Naming Shadow Cabinet For Belarus While In Exile

COLLEGE FOOTBALL COVID RANKINGS: Notre Dame Climbs Into Top-5 While Sitting Out

VIDEO: WATCH LIVE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: Trump and Biden Squaring Off in First Presidential Debate; Debate is in Cleveland, Moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Presidential Debate: Trump and Biden Square Off At 9 p.m. ET/ 8 CT/ 7 MT/ 6 PT in First Presidential Debate; Debate is in Cleveland, Moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Amy Coney Barrett timeline: Sen. Lindsey Graham announces schedule for confirmation hearing" - KIRO/ Cox Media 9.28.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings start Oct. 12" - New York Post 9.27.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court: sources; The president is expected to make the announcement during a White House event on Saturday" - Fox 9.25.20

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Florida State Head Coach Mike Norvell Battling Covid-19 Coronavirus; Seminoles Are Notre Dame's Next Scheduled Opponent, Yet Not Until Oct. 10, With FSU Playing Two Other Games in the Interim

Overcoming Absentmindedness: Tips From WebMD

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Alexei Navalny Supporters Probe How the Russian Opposition Leader Was Poisoned; Team scoured his hotel room and found a water bottle they say has traces of Novichok, a nerve agent" - WSJ

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Mitt Romney says he supports moving ahead with Trump Supreme Court nominee; Romney's stance further tips confirmation math in favor of Republicans" - Fox

VIDEOS & ARTICLE: U.S., Europeans Say Belarus Leader [Lukashenka] Illegitimate As New Crackdown Follows Surprise Swearing-In

U.S. Widens Sanctions Net Against Kremlin-Connected Backer Of 'Troll Factory,' Mercenary Group

Notre Dame Football Paused Football Operations on Tuesday After More Positive Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases

COLLEGE FOOTBALL CORONAVIRUS RANKINGS: Notre Dame Hangs In At #7 Amidst Jumbled, Hybrid Covid Pandemic Rankings, Right Before Suspending Football Operations

Trump to Pick Woman as Supreme Court Nominee - VOA

Thousands March Again In Belarus To Call For Lukashenka's Resignation - RFE/RL

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Rising obesity levels put Americans at risk during pandemic: CDC" - UPI 9.19.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "‘Alarming rates’ of coronavirus transmission in Europe should serve as ‘wake-up call,’ WHO official warns; Weekly cases have exceeded those reported when the pandemic first peaked in March, he said" - Fox 9.17.20

ABORTION: Notre Dame Football Opponent South Florida of the AAC Is Connected with Abortions; Fighting Irish Fans and People of Good Will Should Boycott the Notre Dame-USF Game and Its Sponsors and Demand the Removal of Culpable Administrators

Navalny Describes 'Clear, But Long' Road To Recovery After Poisoning

U.S. Declares Return Of UN Sanctions On Iran Despite Opposition From Allies

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead; Nuclear battle to begin over High Court vacancy - Church Militant

Trump’s picking of Ted Cruz to replace Ginsberg opens door for Allen West - Floridian

COLLEGE FOOTBALL CORONAVIRUS RANKINGS: Even amidst tepid 2020 performance, Notre Dame "jumped" three places in top-25 rankings after first game, simply by showing up during Covid-19 and not losing

RUSSIA: Putin's Kremlin Painting Itself Into a Corner with Navalny Assassination Attempt; Russian Regime Risks Being Tainted as Either Culpable, or Incompetent At Maintaining Law and Order

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Doc's Morning Line: The Big 10 should just admit it needs the money football provides" - Cincinnati Enquirer

Navalny's Team Says Water Bottle With Traces Of Novichok Found In His Hotel Room In Tomsk

SCW NEWSWATCH: "U.S. beefs up force protection in Syria after run-in with Russia" - The Hill 9.18.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Big Ten should be honest: Money, not safety, rules in football's return" - Detroit Free Press 9.16.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Somebody forgot to let the adults in the room when the Big Ten voted to play football; Conference gives in to pressure, announcing it will start its season the weekend of Oct. 24, reversing an earlier vote to postpone the 2020 schedule." - Chicago Sun-Times 9.16.20

Exclusive: Taliban's Expanding 'Financial Power' Could Make It 'Impervious' To Pressure, Confidential NATO Report Warns

EU Does Not Recognize Lukashenka As Belarusian President, Borrell Says

What Do The Regional Election Results Tell Us About Putin's Russia?

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Air Force destroys surrogate cruise missile in hypervelocity projectile test" - UPI

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Loose goat captured while wandering Pennsylvania neighborhood" - UPI

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian paramedics' accounts challenge Moscow's explanation for Navalny's coma - sources" - Reuters 9.14.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "After Weeks of Pressure in Belarus, Protesters and Lukashenko Locked in Dangerous Stalemate; More than 100,000 people protest; country's longtime leader set to meet Putin on Monday" - WSJ 9.14.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Rare molecule in Venus' atmosphere could be sign of life" - UPI 9.14.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Navalny-backed candidates win Siberian cities in Russian election; Putin’s ruling United Russia party claims landslide victories in other regional elections" - Financial Times 9.14.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Putin bestows $1.5 billion loan in gesture of support for Belarus leader" - Reuters 9.14.20

Peace Deal Announced Between Israel and Bahrain, A Month After UAE-Israeli Deal; Trump Touts Progress With Middle East Peace

Notre Dame Football Opponent Duke of the ACC Performs Abortions; Irish Fans and People of Good Will Should Boycott the Notre Dame-Duke Game and Its Sponsors and Demand the Removal of Culpable Administrators

For Biden Supporters and USA, It Would Be Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Putin's Kremlin Painting Itself Into a Corner With Navalny Assassination Attempt

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian Baliffs Seize $460,000 From Navalny Ally Sobol" - AFP/ Barron's

Germany Says 'Dark Clouds' Looming Over Russia Ties As Navalny Lies Critically Ill In Berlin Hospital - RFE/RL

BELARUS: Arrests Made As Tens Of Thousands Of Protesters Rally In Minsk - RFE/RL

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Joint Chiefs head says military won't have role resolving 2020 election; Gen. Mark Milley said he believes in an 'apolitical' U.S. military" - Fox 8.29.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Chicago violence: 38 shot, 9 fatally in weekend shootings; Three people were fatally shot in separate incidents early Sunday morning" - ABC7 Chicago - 8.30.20

French Nudist Town Has Surge in Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases - SCW

For post-abortive women, voting for Biden is like choosing to kill their preborn baby all over again - SCW

CATHOLIC MASS VIDEO: Feast of Saint Augustine, Friday, Aug. 28, 2020 - Toronto

VIDEO: President Donald Trump RNC Acceptance Speech - 2020

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Fox News makes history with massive audience for Trump's GOP renomination acceptance speech; Fox News topped CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS combined" - Fox 8.28.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "This is why Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrest" - New York Post 8.28.20

Before He Fell Ill, Navalny's Every Move Was Tracked. What About The Poisoning? - RFE/RL

SCW NEWSWATCH: "China’s Science Talent-Recruitment Program Draws Fresh Attention; Beijing is trying to lure scientists as part of a covert technology-transfer plan. But why are so many of them falling for it?" - Diplomat 8.25.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "'UFO' in Congo jungle turns out to be internet balloon" - Reuters 8.27.20

United States Deeply Concerned Over Russia's Navalny; U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo Issued Press Statement On Apparent Navalny Poisoning, Called for Investigation if Poisoning Confirmed - SCW

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Hurricane Laura Moving Inland as an Extremely Dangerous Category 4 Storm []" - Weather Channel 8.27.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian general's death from roadside bomb in Syria sparks U.S. intrigue; 'It’s rare for a Russian major general to be in a convoy in Syria, let alone get blown up there,' a U.S. security source said." - Just the News 8.19.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Health care workers have been attacked in parking garages for decades. Why haven't hospitals done more to make them safe?" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8.19.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Notre Dame's 2021 QB Depth Chart Could See A Dramatic Shift Thanks To NCAA Rule" - Sports Illustrated 8.25.20

VIDEO & ARTICLE: German Tests Indicate Kremlin Critic Navalny 'Poisoned'

VIDEO & ARTICLE: Kremlin Critic Navalny Was Under Surveillance During Trip To Siberia, Says Report

CATHOLIC MASS VIDEO: Heart of the Nation (Wisconsin), 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Aug. 23, 2020

SCW NEWSWATCH VIDEO: "FDA Authorizes Convalescent Plasma for Covid-19 Use; The emergency-use authorization comes after preliminary studies supported the benefits of the antibody-rich plasma taken from recovered Covid-19 patients" - WSJ 8.23.20

VIDEOS & ARTICLE: "Extensive" Tests Under Way On Putin Foe Navalny At Berlin Hospital - RFE/RL

VIDEO: Trump Speech to 2020 Council for National Policy Meeting, Friday, Aug. 21, 2020

VIDEO: White House News Conference, Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Putin bets on Lukashenko keeping power in Belarus for now: sources" - Reuters 8.21.20

SCW NEWSWATCH VIDEO: "Alexei Navalny, Russian Dissident Who Abruptly Fell Ill, Departs Siberian Hospital for Germany; Navalny’s plight could have a chilling effect on the opposition to President Putin, political analysts say" - WSJ 8.21.20

VIDEO: Trump News Conference, Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Meet Charlotte Kirk: The 28-Year-Old Actress Who Took Down Two Studio Chiefs" - Variety 8.19.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Threat Of More Looting Leads To Concerns Of Downtown Chicago Exodus" - CBS Chicago 8.21.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny 'poisoned'" - UPI 8.20.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Another Putin Critic Falls Ill Opposition leader Alexei Navalny sips tea that may have been poisoned." - WSJ 8.20.20

Joe Biden Racist to Choose Kamala Harris As Running Mate - SCW

SCW NEWSWATCH: "How Extreme? The Facts About Kamala Harris" - Family Policy Alliance 8.12.20

Notre Dame Switches to Remote Learning After Covid-19 Coronavirus Spike, Might Send Students Home - SCW

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Lukashenko Says He Is Ready to Share Power in Belarus as Protests Mount" - Reuters 8.17.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Why Vladimir Putin is unlikely to invade Belarus" - Atlantic Council/ Anders Åslund 8.16.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections" - RealClear Politics 4.24.20

CATHOLIC MASS VIDEO: Heart of the Nation (Wisconsin), 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Aug. 16, 2020

VIDEO: Trump News Conference, Saturday, Aug. 15

SCW NEWSWATCH: "When Authority Vanishes: Chicago’s leaders have surrendered to vandals" - John O. McGinnis/ City Journal 8.13.20

Joe Biden Would Be Incapable of Forming a Legitimate Government, Given His Fundamental Support of the Mass Murder of Americans in the Womb; And Biden is Likely to Get Only About 62 Million Votes, Compared with 130 Million Either Killed by Policies Biden Supports or Voting Against Him - SCW 8.15.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Postal slowdown, mailbox removal before November election sparks mounting concerns; Inspector General is investigating concerns about USPS service changes" - Fox 8.15.20

Anti-Catholic Dissident John Jenkins Defies Catholic Faith Again, Embarrasses Would-Be University of "Notre Dame," With Compliments to Deceased Pro-Abortion Politician Kernan - SCW 8.14.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Bald eagle wins duel with state's $950 drone, sending it to the bottom of Lake Michigan" - CBS 8.13.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russian Economy Shrank 8.5% in Second Quarter - Official Data; Fall in GDP is less severe than government and Central Bank feared" - AFP/ Barron's 8.13.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Coronavirus Grips Midwest Rural Areas That Had Been Spared; Officials blame complacency and summer travel for growing Covid-19 infections in nonmetropolitan counties" - WSJ 8.12.20

SCW NEWSWATCH & VIDEO: "Russia Registers World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine Despite Safety Concerns; Officials in Russia and the West express alarm at the speed the vaccine was developed and the methods used - WSJ 8.11.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Industry Body Calls Russian Covid-19 Vaccine a Pandora's Box" - Bloomberg 8.10.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Chicago looting: Violence, property damage devastates Michigan Avenue, Loop; More than 100 arrested, police say Access to the downtown area will be restricted from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m." - ABC7 - 8.10.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "[Chicago Downtown] Looting Was Coordinated Response To Police-Involved Shooting In Englewood, Brown Says" - CBS-2-Chicago - 8.10.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Trump weighs permanent payroll tax deferral, says it won't impact Social Security; The president said the cuts 'may be permanent,' but did not elaborate" - Fox 8.10.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Maternal cannabis use in pregnancy and child neurodevelopmental outcome" - Nature 8.10.20

For post-abortion women, voting for Biden is like choosing to kill their baby all over again - SCW

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Sources: Power 5 Conferences Talking About No Fall Football" - ESPN

SCW NEWSWATCH: "China targeting U.S. election infrastructure with cyberattacks, says O'Brien" - Reuters 8.9.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "U.S. health chief arrives in Taiwan on trip condemned by China" - Reuters 8.9.20

VIDEO: Trump News Conference, Saturday, Aug. 8

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Police crack down on protests as longtime Belarus leader set for landslide election win" - Reuters 8.9.20

VIDEO: [Riots, Protests, Government Response:] Senate Hearing on "The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence," Saturday, Aug. 4, 2020

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Preseason Coaches Poll 2020

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Asymptomatic COVID-19 patients as contagious as those with symptoms" - UPI 8.6.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Will Joe Biden Duck the Debates? There are growing calls to shield the former Veep from having to perform" - Wall Street Journal

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Facebook bans pro-Trump super PAC from advertising on its platform; Committee to Defend the President chairman Ted Harvey told FOX Business Facebook is 'determined to restrict free speech and attack those who dare to support President Trump.'" - Fox 8.6.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Beirut explosion linked to Russian ship storing ammonium nitrate left in port, called 'floating bomb'; Officials warned the ship was 'a floating bomb.'" - Fox

Widespread Covid-19 coronavirus at Georgia overnight camp, despite prior testing and partial mitigation strategies; highlights dangers of rapid spread and importance of more thorough precautions

SCW NEWSWATCH: "3 Chicago cops shot outside police station during arrest, suspect also hit, authorities say; Police said the suspect was shot after firing upon officers" - Fox

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Streetlights may raise risks for colon cancer" - UPI 7.31.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Chicago adds 200 police to downtown tourist district because of rise in violent crime: report; Recent incidents include a stabbing, a carjacking and an injury to a security guard's skull" - Fox 7.31.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Paramedics pull over to rescue skunk with cup stuck over head" - UPI 7.31.20

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Russia says it will begin mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in October" - UPI

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Study: COVID-19 risk 3 times higher for front-line health workers" - UPI

SCW NEWSWATCH: "NFL players have option to opt out of 2020 season" - NFL

Are Obama Voters Still Willing To Be Self-Destructive, and Will Biden Supporters Be Willing to Sacrifice Economic Survival and Vote Against Their Own Interests? - SCW Thought-Starters

More Anti-Kremlin Protests In Russia's Khabarovsk

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Poll Finds Just 13% of Voters Still Up for Grabs for Trump, Biden; Half of voters in a recent WSJ/NBC News poll say there is no chance they will support President Trump, and 37% say they would never back Joe Biden" - Wall Street Journal

Full Cease-Fire Begins In Eastern Ukraine Conflict Area

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Mass Anti-Kremlin Rallies Grip Russia's Far East" - AFP

SCW: Russia conducts space-based anti-satellite weapons test - U.S. Space Command

SCW NEWSWATCH: TRANSCRIPT: "Dr. Robert R. Redfield Statement on SARS-CoV-2 infections" - CDC

SCW NEWSWATCH: VIDEO: President Donald Trump July 21 White House Press Conference on Covid-19 Coranavirus

SCW NEWSWATCH: "'Protests had a lot to do with it': Florida official says demonstrations contributed to coronavirus spike" - Washington Examiner

SCW NEWSWATCH: "The Trump Campaign Needs to Hit 'Reset' If the president won’t offer voters an agenda for his second term, he may not get one" - Wall Street Journal/ Karl Rove

SCW NEWSWATCH: "U.S. Sets New Single-Day Record for Coronavirus Infections" - VOA

Dismissal of Michael Flynn Prosecution Ordered by D.C. Federal Appellate Court; Department of Justice Considered FBI Investigation of Former Trump National Security Advisor Improper

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Coronavirus Cases Are Accelerating Across U.S.; The seven-day average of new infections in 33 states is higher than it has been in the past two weeks" - Wall Street Journal

SCW NEWSWATCH: "North Korea reportedly threatens ‘new round of the Korean War’ to end U.S." - New York Post

SCW NEWSWATCH: "Trump Wants To Challenge Biden To Cognitive Test As Dems Quietly Admit Joe Lacks 'Mental Acuity'" - Union Journal

Notre Dame Football Has Player Test Positive for Covid-19 Coronavirus