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Ukraine Holds National Unity Talks Without Separatists

Column in Maidan Square in Kiev, Ukraine

(VOA News – 5.14.14) Ukraine launched talks Wednesday on national unity without the participation of pro-Russian separatists who are seeking autonomy from Kyiv in the country’s east and southeast. In opening remarks, interim President Oleksandr Turchynov said his government is ready for dialogue. He also insisted, though, that Kyiv will not talk to the pro-Russian gunmen who have seized buildings and killed government troops near

NEWSLINK: Dozens die in Odessa, rebels down Ukraine helicopters

Commonwealth of Independent States, European States, adapted from CIA image through Library of Congress

[“Dozens die in Odessa, rebels down Ukraine helicopters” – Reuters – 5.2.14] Reuters covers violent unrest in Ukraine, including military action against rebels in eastern Ukraine, the later shooting down military helicopters. In addition, unrest unfolded in Odessa [which is not in eastern Ukraine, yet is closer to Moldova, a country which some commentators might be on Russia's list of lands to destabilize or divide].  Deaths occurred

NEWSLINK: Vladimir Putin’s long—and very dangerous—game

Kremlin and Saint Basil's

[“Vladimir Putin’s long—and very dangerous—game” – American Enterprise Institute – Leon Aron 5.1.14] AEI examines the unfolding crisis in Ukraine, blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for manufacturing crises there to bolster himself politically at home, in the face of Russian economic shortcomings. It is suggested that Western sanctions focus not just on deterring Russia from further interference in Ukraine, but be directed against negative developments

NEWSLINK: Putin’s Promises To Eastern Ukraine Could Bankrupt Russia

Kremlin and Saint Basil's

[“Putin’s Promises To Eastern Ukraine Could Bankrupt Russia” – Forbes - Paul Roderick Gregory – 5.1.14] Forbes covers Russia’s lack of economic diversity and dependence upon fossil fuels for economic wealth.  Commentator Paul Roderick Gregory predicts that Russia would not be able to bear up under the “costs of empire” aggravated by Russian hegemony in Ukraine. As the moniker Petrostate implies, the Russian economy and state have an

NEWSLINK: Moscow May Day parade lauds Putin as rebels seize more Ukraine buildings

Map of Ukraine with Ukrainian Flag

[“Moscow May Day parade lauds Putin as rebels seize more Ukraine buildings” – Reuters 5.1.14] Reuters covers pro-Putin demonstrators staging a May Day rally in Moscow, even as pro-Russian militants engage in further unrest and rebellious activities in eastern Ukraine.  Russia already has seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, declaring that it has annexed occupied Crimea into the Russian Federation. Russia staged a huge May

TREASURY DEPARTMENT: Announcement Of Additional Treasury Sanctions On Russian Government Officials And Entities

Commonwealth of Independent States, European States, adapted from CIA image through Library of Congress

(Treasury Department press release – 4/28/2014) Sanctions Target Seven Russian Government Officials, Including Members of the Russian Leadership’s Inner Circle, and 17 Entities WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated seven Russian government officials, including two key members of the Russian leadership’s inner circle, and 17 entities pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13661. E.O. 13661 authorizes sanctions on, among others, officials of

Russia Today’s Disinformation Campaign

Kremlin and Saint Basil's

(State Department – DipNote - Richard Stengel – April 29, 2014) Moscow is subjecting Ukrainians, Russians and the rest of the world to an intense campaign of disinformation that tries to paint a dangerous and false picture of Ukraine’s legitimate government. Russia Today, the Moscow-based TV network financed by the government, is a key player in this campaign of distortion. Along with its Russian operation, RT operates

Stratfor: The U.S. Opts for Ineffective Sanctions on Russia

Portion of U.S. Treasury Department Facade, North Side, with Sculpture of Alexander Hamilton

(stratfor.com – George Friedman – April 29, 2014) The United States announced new sanctions on seven Russian government officials April 28. A long-used tactic, sanctions can yield unpredictable effects or have no effect at all, depending upon how they are crafted. It is commonly assumed that sanctions are applied when a target country’s actions are deemed unacceptable. The sanctioning nation presumably chooses sanctions to avoid war