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NEWSLINK: Putin’s Promises To Eastern Ukraine Could Bankrupt Russia

Kremlin and Saint Basil's

[“Putin’s Promises To Eastern Ukraine Could Bankrupt Russia” – Forbes – Paul Roderick Gregory – 5.1.14] Forbes covers Russia’s lack of economic diversity and dependence upon fossil fuels for economic wealth.  Commentator Paul Roderick Gregory predicts that Russia would not be able to bear up under the “costs of empire” aggravated by Russian hegemony in Ukraine. As the moniker Petrostate implies, the Russian economy and state have an

NEWSLINK: Gazprom Charges Ukraine $11.4b Before EU Gas Talks

(Gazprom Charges Ukraine $11.4b Before EU Gas Talks – Bloomberg – bloomberg.com – 4.24.14) Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom is attempting to charge Ukraine billions of dollars for not purchasing more gas from Russia, just as Ukraine seeks to negotiate with European partners for gas supplies from other sources: OAO Gazprom (OGZD), Russia’s state gas exporter, presented Ukraine with an additional $11.4 billion bill for fuel

VIDEO: Ukraine and the Economy – Ukraine Conflict: What Does it Mean For the U.S.?

In this USA Today video, some of the potential economic repercussions of unfolding events in Ukraine are examined. Some relevant factors include Ukraine being a crossroads and energy hub between Russia and Europe, Ukraine’s status as a corn and wheat exporter, Ukrainian national debt, the ripple effects of sanctions between major global economies and the impact on oil and gasoline prices. Ukraine is an important