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Sudan Denies Immediate Release of Christian Woman Condemned to Death

Map of Sudan and Environs

(VOA News - June 1, 2014) Sudan’s Foreign Ministry is denying media reports that a woman sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith will be released within days, following an international outcry. Foreign Ministry spokesman Abubakar Al-Sidiq says Mariam Yahya Ibrahim cannot be released without a ruling from an appeals court. Ibrahim was sentenced to death by hanging last month after she declined to declare

NEWSLINK: Vladimir Putin’s long—and very dangerous—game

Kremlin and Saint Basil's

[“Vladimir Putin’s long—and very dangerous—game” – American Enterprise Institute – Leon Aron 5.1.14] AEI examines the unfolding crisis in Ukraine, blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for manufacturing crises there to bolster himself politically at home, in the face of Russian economic shortcomings. It is suggested that Western sanctions focus not just on deterring Russia from further interference in Ukraine, but be directed against negative developments

Report: Freedoms in Libya, Egypt Improving, But Declining in Russia, Mali

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(VOA News – January 16, 2013) The pro-democracy group Freedom House says in an annual report on global freedom that the number of countries ranked as free has risen to 90, but about 27 nations have suffered significant setbacks.Wednesday’s report titled “Freedom in the World 2013″ notes that political and civil liberties improved in Libya and Egypt, but declined in Russia and Nigeria. Striking Gains