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NEWSLINK: Russia, West accuse each other of hypocrisy on Ukraine

United Nations Building and Flags

[“Russia, West accuse each other of hypocrisy on Ukraine” – Reuters – 5.2.14] Reuters covers UN Security Council meetings on unrest in Ukraine. ┬áThe fact that Russia has taken over permanent member status and veto power previously exercised by the now-defunct Soviet Union complicates efforts for the UNSC to act. Western powers and Russia on Friday used an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council

Ukrainians Stage Mass Unity Rally in Kyiv

Column in Maidan Square in Kiev, Ukraine

(VOA News – March 23, 2014 – voanews.com) Thousands of Ukrainians gathered on Sunday in Kyiv’s Independence Square calling for unity, a day after Russian forces seized the last major Ukrainian military base in Crimea. The rally participants gathered to hear pro-Ukraine speeches, display flags, and place flowers at the site of a makeshift memorial to anti-government protesters killed last month in clashes with security

VIDEO: Romney critical of Obama “naivete” and “bad judgment” over Ukraine, Russia

Russian Naval Vessel at Crimean Base in Ukraine

Appearing on Sunday-morning chat show “Face the Nation,” former Republican presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney raised concerns over failed leadership by President Barack Obama when addressing Russia and the turmoil in Ukraine. Said Romney: Well, there’s no question, but that … the President’s naivety with regards to … Russia and his faulty judgment about Russia’s intentions and objectives [have] led to a number of foreign