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NEWSLINK: Reports: German government to drop Verizon because of U.S. spying

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[“Reports: German government to drop Verizon because of U.S. spying” – Computer World/IDG News Service – Stephen Lawson – 6.26.14] Computer World and IDG report that the German government is backing out of a relationship with Verizon over concerns about NSA spying.  [And note that the move comes against a backdrop of past revelations of U.S. eavesdropping on cellphone conversations by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.]

U.S. Firm Links Chinese Army to Cyber Attacks

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(VOA News – William Gallo – February 19, 2013) A U.S.-based Internet security group is accusing the Chinese government of involvement in a sophisticated campaign of cyber attacks against American businesses, government and critical infrastructure. A 60-page report released Tuesday by Mandiant details dozens of attacks by a prolific, China-based hacker group it says is using “direct government support” to wage a “long-running and extensive