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Senator Rand Paul Filibusters Obama CIA Nomination (UPDATE 1)

U.S. Capitol and Environs at Twilight

(Update: the filibuster concluded just before 1 AM, lasting roughly 13 hours, and the CIA nominee was confirmed later in that new day; more talking filibusters are promised in the future however) Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and others are twelve hours and counting into a U.S. Senate filibuster of the confirmation vote for President Barack Obama’s nominee for CIA Director, John Brennan.  Ongoing speaking by

United States marks 40 years of Roe v. Wade decriminalizing “abortion”

File Photo of Premature Baby in Hospital With Tubes and Equipment

[First Draft] It was forty years ago that the U.S. Supreme Court issued what was purportedly a judicial opinion in Roe v. Wade. In the course deciding a case or controversy, the Court issued a ruling and opinion, what amounted to a decree, that it was unconstitutional to legislate against the deliberate killing of a developing child still in the womb of her mother, under

Report: Freedoms in Libya, Egypt Improving, But Declining in Russia, Mali

Satellite Map of World

(VOA News – January 16, 2013) The pro-democracy group Freedom House says in an annual report on global freedom that the number of countries ranked as free has risen to 90, but about 27 nations have suffered significant setbacks.Wednesday’s report titled “Freedom in the World 2013” notes that political and civil liberties improved in Libya and Egypt, but declined in Russia and Nigeria. Striking Gains