NEWSLINK: 19 Habits That Wreck Your Teeth

Closeup of Teeth of Smiling Woman, with Toothbrush in Foreground

[“19 Habits That Wreck Your Teeth” – WebMD – 6.25.14]

WebMD sets out nineteen bad habits to avoid, if you want to keep your teeth healthy and intact, complete with slideshow.

One interesting point to remember is that acid is also a problem with teeth, not just sugar.  So food or drinks that are high in acid can cause issues, as well as starchy food, because the body produces more acid to digest the starch.

Some of the bad habits to avoid include:

  • chewing on ice
  • grinding teeth, or sleeping without a mouth guard if grinding is an issue
  • playing contact sports without a mouth guard
  • piercings, such as tongue or lip piercings, especially if the wearer bites on the metal
  • chewing on pencils
  • opening things with your teeth, such as bottle caps or plastic packaging
  • giving a baby a bottle at bedtime, such as with juice, milk or formula
  • cough drops (containing sugar)
  • gummy candy
  • soda, because of acid as well as sugar (which means that diet soda is not necessarily safe, since it still has acid)
  • sports drinks that are high in sugar
  • fruit juice, especially with added sugar
  • potato chips or other starchy foods (because the body generates more acid to digest the starch)
  • constant snacking, especially if snacking on food that is high in sugar or starch
  • coffee
  • smoking
  • wine (red or white)
  • binge eating

Click here for “19 Habits That Wreck Your Teeth”



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