NEWSLINK & VIDEO: Alaska Republican U.S. Senate Hopeful Dan Sullivan Sees Advantage as First-Time Candidate

U.S. Capitol

[“Alaska Republican Sees Advantage as First-Time Candidate” – Roll Call 6.6.14]

Roll Call covers Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s primary race.  Sullivan has federal background in Washington, D.C., as well as experience in appointed positions as state Attorney General and Commissioner of Natural Resources:

Alaska Republican Dan Sullivan, a first-time candidate for elected office, says his dearth of experience on the trail will help — not hurt — his bid for Alaska’s Senate seat in this climate of unhappiness with Congress.

Sullivan, a front-runner in a primary race to decide the nominee who will take on first-term Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Begich, says he wants to be a “doer.”

He expresses concerns about governmental and regulatory overreach, including Obamacare, as well as concerns over social issues like domestic violence and sexual assault.

Sullivan served with the National Security Council, National Economic Council and State Department under President George W. Bush.  He is a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve.

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