NEWSLINK: Ukraine’s Neighbors Urge Expansion of U.S. Gas Exports


(Ukraine’s Neighbors Urge Expansion of U.S. Gas Exports – Roll Call – Jonathan Broder – 3.11.14 –

In light of turmoil in Ukraine and Russian hegemony in Crimea, Roll Call examines the potential for U.S. gas exports to impact energy-related geopolitics.

Of special concern is Ukrainian and European dependence upon Russian energy sources.

… with Russian troops tightening their grip on Ukraine’s strategic Crimean Peninsula, the advocates for more U.S. gas exports have added what they hope will be a compelling geopolitical argument to their quiver: The Obama administration and Congress can use the nation’s enormous gas reserves as a weapon to help Ukraine and other European countries break their dependency on Russian gas and thereby reduce Moscow’s political leverage over them.

Legislative battles lie ahead addressing regulatory impediments to U.S. gas exports, especially to NATO partners in Europe and Ukraine.

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Map of Ukraine and Environs



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