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U.S. Firm Links Chinese Army to Cyber Attacks

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(VOA News – William Gallo – February 19, 2013) A U.S.-based Internet security group is accusing the Chinese government of involvement in a sophisticated campaign of cyber attacks against American businesses, government and critical infrastructure. A 60-page report released Tuesday by Mandiant details dozens of attacks by a prolific, China-based hacker group it says is using “direct government support” to wage a “long-running and extensive

NEWSLINK: Panetta says he personally told Obama about Benghazi attack

Image of Interior Damage of U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, After Attack, adapted from VOA image at

[Panetta says he personally told Obama about Benghazi attack – Washington Times 2.7.13 – click here for article] President Barack Hussein Obama reportedly was informed that an attack was unfolding on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, by Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta, who was visiting Obama for a prearranged meeting at the time. The Washington Times highlighted the news in coverage of an additional

U.S. Postal Service Announces New Delivery Schedule; Five Days of Mail Delivery to Street Addresses Begins August 2013

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The U.S. Postal Service has announced that, beginning in August 2013, regular mail delivery to street addresses will no longer occur on Saturday, while package delivery will still take place.  Saturday delivery will still occur for post office boxes. The Postal Service projects a hoped-for $2 billion in savings from the move, part of a broader set of changes including the slashing of career workforce

Japan Preparing ‘Worst Case Scenario’ for North Korea Nuke Test

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(Steve Herman – VOA News – February 04, 2013) TOKYO — Japan’s government is indicating it is preparing for all contingencies that would result from North Korea conducting a third nuclear test. Japan’s top government spokesman has told VOA the international community is making full preparations for another threatened North Korean nuclear test. South Korea has warned the North it faces “grave consequences” if it

MEDIA WATCH: Slate posts offensive advice column

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(Analysis and Commentary) Slate posted a link on twitter to an advice column on their website suggesting that masturbation is not only appropriate, but appropriate for a six-year-old girl, posted here as of Feb. 5, 2013: life/dear_prudence/2013/02/dear_prudence_my_6_year_old_daughter_ can_t_stop_playing_with_herself.html The purveyor of such strange, immoral thinking is held out as an Emily Yoffe, a/k/a Dear Prudence, of the modern version of The Washington Post. People

The “Immigration” Name Game

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(Analysis and Commentary) Are they immigrants? Or are they illegal aliens? Or illegal colonists? Illegal colonists … illegal aliens … illegal immigrants … undocumented immigrants … undocumented persons … immigration … migrants … the massaging of jargon continues to be part of the political posturing over U.S. residency and illegal entry. The would-called “immigration” debate rages anew.  Both the Senate “Gang of Eight” and the