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U.S. Naval Fleet is Shrinking


(Heritage Foundation – Brian Slattery – January 16, 2013) After long delays, Russia has deployed a new ballistic missile submarine, or nuclear submarine, for the first time in more than 20 years. This marks a significant step forward for its navy, which has pledged tens of billions of dollars to revitalize its fleet. The U.S. Navy, unfortunately, has had trouble both in revitalizing its subs

Report: Freedoms in Libya, Egypt Improving, But Declining in Russia, Mali

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(VOA News – January 16, 2013) The pro-democracy group Freedom House says in an annual report on global freedom that the number of countries ranked as free has risen to 90, but about 27 nations have suffered significant setbacks.Wednesday’s report titled “Freedom in the World 2013″ notes that political and civil liberties improved in Libya and Egypt, but declined in Russia and Nigeria. Striking Gains

US to Help France in Mali

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(VOA News – January 17, 2013) The United States has agreed to help France airlift troops and equipment into Mali, where Islamist extremists control the north.France has asked the Pentagon for help and officials from both countries are holding detailed talks on what is needed.  The Pentagon has no plans at this time to send troops into Mali.French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says 1,400

France Begins Ground Operations in Mali

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(VOA News -January 16, 2013) A reporter for VOA’s French to Africa Service spoke to a resident of Diabaly, who says Malian army personnel have surrounded the town.  French media reports say French special forces are also present and that fighting in Diabaly is underway. On Tuesday, French warplanes conducted airstrikes on the town, located 400 kilometers north of the capital, Bamako. Foreign Troop Commitments

Global Warming Alarmists Pick and Choose Data to Support Theory

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(Heritage Foundation – David Kreutzer, Ph.D. and Katie Tubb  – January 11, 2013) The “think globally” people become very parochial when the global warming story isn’t as scary sounding as the local one. Climate change activists took the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) recent report showing 2012 to be the warmest on record for the continental United States, did a little geographic sleight of

Syria Talks End With No Breakthrough

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(VOA – Lisa Schlein, Edward Yeranian -January 11, 2013) International envoy Lakhdar Brahimi says talks with senior U.S. and Russian officials in Geneva ended Friday without a breakthrough about how to end the civil war in Syria. Brahimi held closed-door talks Friday at United Nations’ European headquarters in Switzerland with Russian Deputy Foreign Ministry Mikhail Bogdanov and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns. The discussions

Mideast Winter Storm Deepens Misery of Syrians

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(VOA – Scott Bobb – January 10, 2013) A winter storm in the Middle East has brought heavy snowfall and flooding and caused at least eight deaths. The storm, called the worst in more than 20 years, disrupted life across the region and deepened the misery of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. Weather experts say the storm dumped the precipitation of an entire average

NASA Researchers Studying Advanced Nuclear Rocket Technologies

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( – 01.09.13) A nuclear rocket engine uses a nuclear reactor to heat hydrogen to very high temperatures, which expands through a nozzle to generate thrust. Nuclear rocket engines generate higher thrust and are more than twice as efficient as conventional chemical rocket engines. Advanced propulsion researchers at NASA are a step closer to solving the challenge of safely sending human explorers to Mars and