Jan. 6 Committee's "Work" Meaningless If It Fails to Focus Primarily on the Gunning Down of Unarmed Activist Ashli Babbit by Congressional Security

Congressional security needlessly gunned down unarmed female protester Ashli Babbit at fairly close range on Jan. 6, 2021, despite the presence of security staff who easily could have simply grabbed her when she stood atop something to look through a broken hallway window.

The failure of the so-called "January 6 Committee" to prioritize and address the matter, one of the most egregious governmental human rights abuses in U.S. history, means they essentially have no credibility, collectively or as individuals.

If a different party gains control of Congress after 2022 elections, the new Congress should remedy the wrongdoing by holding new, more legitimate hearings addressing the actual facts and egregious problems associated with the events of January 6, 2021, starting with the killing of an unarmed protester.

There also is the need to remove, and take any other appropriate action, against Congressional security personnel, local federal prosecutors and Congressional leaders who failed to take action over the killing, making themselves the moral equivalent of accessories-after-the-fact, in the process committing de facto obstruction of justice.

The killing had the de facto effect of carrying out a summary execution, imposing the death penalty for being in a government building without a proper building pass while a noisy protest was occurring, standing atop something looking through a broken interior window from a hallway.

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