Taliban Co-Founder "Baradar the Butcher" Reportedly Set to Lead Afghani Taliban Regime

Following the armed overthrow of the Afghan government, Taliban co-founder "Baradar the Butcher" reportedly will head the new Taliban regime. His real name is Abdul Ghani Baradar and he apparently claims the Islamic title of mullah.

Meanwhile, Haibatullah Akhundzada reportedly is the Taliban's senior religious figure assessing how to frame government within Islamic principles.

The Taliban also are said to have plans for 25 ministries and a consultative council of 12 Muslim scholars.

At least one source indicates Baradar being present during the signing of the Doha Agreement when the Taliban agreed not to allow Afghanistan to be used as a base for attacks against Western targets after a U.S. withdrawal.

However, a plain reading of the Doha Agreement reveals that the Taliban already have violated it. Resolution of Afghan political matters were to arrive at through peaceful negotation and there was to be a ceasefire.

Baradar co-founded the Taliban in the mid-1990s with former Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, now deceased. Baradar is the only surviving Taliban leader personally appointed by Mohammed Omar as one of his deputies. Baradar has claimed that Omar wished Baradar to take over leadership.

Baradar was harbored for years by Pakistan, who arrested, then later released Baradar.

He reputedly has been implicated in the use of large numbers of roadside bombs, so-called improvised explosive devices, during the Afghan conflict.

Baradar originally came from the Afghan city of Kandahar, birthplace of the Taliban movement.

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