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Steve Welcome! ... to the home site for Steven C. Welsh.

Steve has experience as a web professional, writer, international analyst, business support consultant, legal professional (mainly District of Columbia and Maryland), recruiter, active Catholic and Notre Dame football fan.

Steve holds a B.A. in Government and International Studies from the University of Notre Dame du Lac and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School, having completed additional coursework at Georgetown University and Columbia University.

He has lived in the Midwest, New England, New York, London, and Washington, D.C. To contact Steve with ... questions ... suggestions about this site ... inquiries about availability for projects ... or to request Steve's resume or biography, click here to send an e-mail.

Steve also is on facebook (Steve Welsh) and linkedin:

Thanks for visiting, and God Bless!

Links to some sites produced by Steve and some additional sites on this domain ...

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Faith Central: Catholic Home on the Web

:: Faith Central: Catholic Home on the Web is being newly relaunched to offer Catholic resources, Catholic news, original analysis and reflections, and updates throughout the liturgical calendar, including summaries of Scripture readings. Click here to visit Faith Central: Catholic Home on the Web

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Leprechaun Express: Notre Dame Football Intel Update

:: Leprechaun Express: Notre Dame Football Intel Update offers news, resources, and insightful commentary on America's favorite college football team and college football generally. Click here to visit Leprechaun Express: Notre Dame Football Intel Update.

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Washington Wire Global Report

Washington Wire Global Report, is a site being newly launched, highlighting select developments in public and international issues, politics, and law.

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Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg


Steven C. Welsh continues to produce the web site for Johnson's Russia List, for which he also has launched a social media presence on facebook and twitter. The JRL is the web home for a voluminous e-mail newsletter popular with relevant issue-area experts in and out of government worldwide.

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Compass Group Solutions Logo

Steven C. Welsh is launching a new web site and social media presence for COMPASS GROUP SOLUTIONS, a Midwestern-based firm providing solutions for sales, management and leadership development. Be sure to visit COMPASS GROUP SOLUTIONS on the web at You also should click "like" on the COMPASS GROUP SOLUTIONS Facebook fanpage/like-page. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can contact COMPASS GROUP SOLUTIONS through their online contact form by clicking here. Or, e-mail Steven C. Welsh to share feedback and insights about the web design.

The site is being hosted by Go Daddy, also the registrar for the domain name. Site design is currently grounded upon (X)HTML, CSS and PHP, with Adobe CS3 Photoshop utilized for graphic design and editing. Some aspects of content management and design tweaks are utilizing DreamWeaver, for both its code-editing and WYSIWYG features, but original design work is essentially being done directly in the code.

The effort includes some aspects of a brochure site, as well as new, password-protected online versions of extensive sales and management testing tools and an archive of informative articles.

The online testing as well as the contact form utilize PHP.

The right-hand column of the site template includes a live feed from the COMPASS GROUP SOLUTIONS Facebook fanpage/like-page. And the "add-this" button provides a range of options for bookmarking the site, as well as sharing it online or through e-mail.

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